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TD Left 2Finger PntV2Delivering profit-proven, cash-generating ways for your audiences to get more customers and more revenue from the ones they’ve already got, fast and easy, Jim Ackerman is the dynamic marketing speaker who surprises and delights audiences, and gets them “movin’and groovin’” and enjoying themselves.

Always provacative…always challenging your audience to improved results from their marketing, advertising and sales efforts. You too will find your audience begging for more!

Jim Ackerman can impact the marketing success of your entire organization or association. His bootstrapping, swash-buckling, entrepreneurial approach to marketing, advertising and sales is loaded with powerful principles, strategies and fast, easy-to-use tactics to help your audience quickly and dramatically grow sales and profits.

Those who implement Jim’s techniques routinely grow their businesses 13%, 23%, 33% and more. And 50, 80, even 120 percent increases are not uncommon, with little or no additional expenditures on marketing.

Jim’s “Edutaining” delivery is bursting with quick and easy “What-to-do’s” & “How-to-do-its”… and riveting stories of those who have “Done-it,” using his methods.

With over 320 of his 1 day “How To Get More Customers Who Will Pay You More Money, More Often™” Workshops under his belt and having addressed literally thousands of entreprenuers, audiences large and small from all kinds of industries are fascinated by Jim’s stories of stunning successes. All achieved by applying simple, sound, common-sense principles of marketing and advertising that often shock the listener out of“marketing myopia” and cause audiences to break free of their closely held, stifling, and erroneous beliefs about what works in marketing.