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Jim Ackerman helps your audience members get more customers who will pay them more money, more often™

Choose from any of Jim’s prepared topics, or have him custom-design a presentation specifically for your audience. Either way you’ll get a high-impact delivery full of practical action recommendations your audience can begin using right away to improve their marketing, advertising and sales results! And most topics can be adapted for use from a keynote address to multi-day workshops.


Topics to Help Your Audience Improve Sales, Marketing & Advertising Results — & Their Lives…NOW!


How To Market Your Crap When the Economy Is STILL In The Toilet… 12 Vital Strategies for “Unclogging” Your Company’s Revenue Stream

The program, titled after Jim’s latest book, will help your audience members deal with the challenges of selling in the sluggish economy — or any downturn in your industry or their individual businesses.

“Look at yourself as a plumber and your marketing as a plunger for this clogged economy.”

If you’ve got a clog in your sales and marketing pipeline, Jim says it’s time to “plunge on.” After all, the alternative stinks!

Jim reveals long-proven, yet shockingly little-known techniques to get your income flowing again. Techniques to increase sales and lower the cost of marketing, sales and advertising in tough economic times. And he helps you properly prioritize what you must do to withstand the economic doldrums and survive to thrive another day.

Jim’s refreshingly simple, yet profit-proven collection of 11 do’s and 1 don’t, could be your salvation. (Keynote, Workshop, Breakout, Lunch/Dinner versions)


How To Get More customers Who Will Pay You More Money, More Often™

Most marketing speakers want to keep things complicated. But there are only three ways to grow any business or professional practice. You can 1) get more customers, 2) get your customers to spend more with you each time they buy, and 3) get your existing customers to buy from you more frequently. The trick is to “leverage” your marketing efforts to maximize your results in each of these three areas. Discover how in this vital program. (Keynote, Workshop, Breakout, Lunch/Dinner versions)


The 4 Essential Marketing Secrets That GUARANTEE You’ll Never Worry About Lousy Sales Again

These four simple principles, properly applied, revolutionize businesses. They can for your audience too! The Unique Purchase Appeal… Sell the Benefits… Testing and Tracking… The Lifetime Profit Value of a customer… Cricital Principles for the marketing success of any enterprise, anywhere, anytime. (Keynote, Workshop, Breakout, Lunch/Dinner versions)


Customer Service Is Now Your #1 Marketing Tool

This is the age of crummy customer service. Ironic, since the buyer is begging to be taken care of and will willingly give his loyalty to the business that gives it. But there is a subtle danger in having less than exemplary customer service in age of recession and weak recovery. This address reveals the danger and gives you a specific track run on to make sure your customer service is nothing short of sensational! (Keynote, Workshop, Breakout versions)


How To Dramatically Increase Sales & Profits With the 7 Weapons of Influence™

Contrast, reciprocity, commitment, rapport, social proof, appealing to authority, and scarcity, are the 7 weapons. Put them to work in your selling presentations and advertising, and you’ll be amazed as you watch their impact help you capture sale after sale. (Workshop, Breakout versions)


The DELTA INITIATIVE… How To Easily & Permanently Change Your Business, Your Organization, or Your Life in 30 Minutes a Day, in 120 Days or Less

If you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, we’re all in trouble, because if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

Fortunately, you can change, and you can do it easily. You don’t even have to want to. You just have to be willing.

The process is simple. There are 5 key elements or “U-needs” You need to have… 1)the What-to-dos; 2)the How-to-do-its; 3)The Resources to get it done; 4)The Feedback to make sure you do it right; and 5)The Accountability to make sure you actually do it. These, with an easy to use “backtimed” action plan and you can change anything about yourself or your business, whenever you want. (Keynote, Breakout, Lunch/Dinner versions)