What Clients Say


Entertaining speakers, yes. But the value of what Jim has to offer is in the direct application of his principles. Nobody I’ve seen is better at providing hard-hitting, practical, money-making techniques.

Craig Donaldson, President – Harris Research (National Chem-Dry Franchisor)

Contractors Success Group (Now ISL)

Dear Jim: Home Run! That’s all I can say. Virtually every attendee I talked to about your recent presentation at our National Convention for Service Experts and the Contractor Success Group agreed it was a home run.

You did a great job of keeping our audience entertained for your entire four-hour presentation. And while it was enjoyable, funny, and passionate, what I like best — and I believe I speak for everybody who was there — was the solid, useful, step-by-step marketing information you gave us.

You know, I have to admit I was nervous. So often we get speakers who either deliver good information but can’t keep the audience’s attention, or who are very entertaining but their information isn’t useful to the audience. And, on top of that, as you know, our group is already very marketing savvy. However, you did not disappoint in any way. On the contrary, you delivered in spades!

Your presentation provided the best of both worlds. Your interactive approach kept the entire group of nearly 400 fully involved in the entire process. Your information was powerful! Our people are already putting it to use in their businesses and everyone is excited about the new, down-to-earth and practical insights you gave them into how to get more customers, improve their unit of sale and increase their frequency of purchase.

Your explanation of features and benefits was the most useful I’ve ever heard.

We’re all looking forward to your return engagements with the group next February and April… and who knows beyond that.

Great job. Again, thanks a million!

Bill Efird, President Contractor Success Group

P.S. Your Customer Development Program was also a big hit. It filled the bill for lus perfectly and was exactly what our affiliates were looking for. We’re excited about future installments.

Contractors 2000

Jim, Thank you for revising the Marketing Masters manual and conducting a terrific course last week. Your knowledge and captivating presentation skills were evident from the first few minutes of the course. I am looking forward to working with you and seeing this program grow even better.

Bob Mallory Contractors 2000

Howard Brinton’s Star Power Systems 

Not only did Jim captivate the audience at our annual Star Power® Conference, but his knowledge of how to present offer s and benefits enabled us to generate sales of our own products at the event 10 times higher than we had ever done before.

Howard Brinton, Howard Brinton Star Power Systems

Intermountain Jewelers Association

Your presentation was right on target and of exceptional value to our attendees.

You gave us practical ideas on bringing in new customers, increasing our average ticket, and getting our existing customers to come back more often and to remain customers for longer periods of time. And I particularly liked the fact that your presentation included step-by-step instructions. Several of our members said they felt they could take your recommendations right back to their shops and implement immediately.

You kept us laughing, thinking and intrigued with stories of remarkable marketing succeses, some so sensational they were hard to believe, but all backed up by your sound marketing principles that any jeweler can use to grow their business.

Our participant feedback indicated your presentation was something we really needed and was one of the best things we’ve done for a long time.

You are a dynamic, entertaining speaker who understands our industry — in some ways, particularly marketing — perhaps better than we do. We look forward to having you back to speak again.

If there is anyone who would like an endorsement of you as a presenter, please don’t hesitate to show them this letter or have them give me a call.

Richard Homes, Executive Director Intermountain Jewelers Association

Jay Abraham

Dear Jim, I’m writing to thank you for being one of our key presenters at each of the four Ultimate Live Marketing Research Laboratory, 2-day sessions over the last two years.

You have an extraordinary talent for taking my principles and strategies and communicating them to an audience with passion, and in a way that gives them real, practical step-by-step recommendations for immediate implementation.

That’s what our attendees need and you delivered!

I appreciate that and from the comments we heard, I know the audience did too.

I also appreciated the depth of knowledge you brought to the table and your ability to take command of the room, virtually at a moment’s notice and fill in with powerful information presented in a powerful way.

Your solid contributions to our panel discussions, usually without the benefit of any prep time, was impressive to our entire staff and to me. Your responsiveness to our needs throughout each of the 2-day sessions was great.

Jim, you made a remarkable contribution to each event. I love the energy, humor and audience-gripping power you bring to each presentation. I can and do heartily recommend you to any group who needs a speaker on marketing and business-building issues and I look forward to having you as a presenter on my future programs as well.

Warm regards,

Jay Abraham

Michigan Small Business Development Center (Alpena)

Dear Jim: I just wanted to send you a word of thanks following your excellent workshop presented here in Alpena last Wednesday.

It was a pleasure for our Small Business Development Center to have co-sponsored your event with other pro-business organizations here in town. As you know, providing programs like yours is an important part of our charter, but it is difficult to get speakers of your caliber to come to Alpena.

In my experience, too often the speakers that provide these kinds of programs are loing on cheerleading but short on specifics. YOu certainly lived up to your promise to give our participants, not just the what-to-do information, but also a lot of very powerful, specific and easy-to-use how-to-do-it information. That really set you apart from the crowd. From the feedback I’ve received, the group really appreciated that. They also appreciated the exercises that enabled them to begin building new marketing skills.

Add to the great information your engaging personality, sense of humor and entertaining delivery and this has to be one of the best programs for business we’ve every brought to our town.

Our investment in your workshop was well worthwhile and I would be happy to recommend your program to SBDC Directors anywhere. Thank you again for coming to Alpena. Sincerely,

Carl Bourdelais, Regional Director Michigan SBDC Region 3

P.S. I’m looking forward to having you back as we discussed, in the first quarter of next year.

Nature’s Sunshine 

Literally from the moment he stepped on stage at our National Convention, our audience of more than 2,100 was on its feet with excitement! And Jim’s breakout sessions had the attendees universally buzzing with powerful, practical new ideas they could put to work immediately in their businesses. And the best part is, Jim’s methods work. Our distributors are reporting sales increases using Jim’s methods!

Mary Lou Arveseth – Manager, Event Production Nature’s Sunshine Products

Nature’s Sunshine Million Dollar ProjectNature’s Sunshine Million Dollar Project

As you know, it has been some time since we had you help us develop an up-selling program and train our Order Entry department on its use. We have had a chance to fully evaluate, and the results are very positive.

I received a memo from our Derek Christensen, and here are some excerpts from his report I thought you’d find gratifying.

Subject:Up-selling Ends Year with 43% Increase

‘…last year we were given leeway to change the culture of our Order Entry Department. By changing job descriptions and duties, offering sales training, developing a Members-only special program, and initiating a sales-results focused monthly bonus, up-selling totals increased by a full $2.29 Million in 1999…

Here’s how the year panned out: Previous Year: $5.3 mill Last Year: $7.6 mill Increase: $2,297,312 % Increase: 43%

We appreciate your efforts in making us aware of this opportunity in our business and providing the mechanism to take advantage of it. Your help with this program was thorough, and the results of your training and guidance are self-evident in the numbers above.

In addition, thank you for your efforts in working with our distributors. YOur presentations at our National Conventions and our leadership events, as well as on our satellite broadcasts gave our participants real, meaningful information to help them grow their businesses. Your contributions are helping our entire group of Independent Distributors transition into a more marketing-focused force.

I am also appreciative of your knowledge of both the Network Marketing and Natural Supplements industries and the unique challenges we face therein. Your presentations were always customized with our particular needs in mind.

Should you need references or recommendations, please don’t hesitate to show this letter to any of your potential clients. I’m certain you can benefit other organizations as you have us.


Dale Lee, President of US Sales Nature’s Sunshine Products

Southeast Iowa Small Business Development Center

Dear Jim:

I am writing by way of testimonial to Small Business Development Centers — and other groups that sponsor seminars, workshops and trainings of any kind for businesses — about the fine workshop you presented for us at the Southeast Iowa SBDC.

I want you to know that I personally enjoyed the workshop, and the information you provided has been particularly valuable to me in my new position as Exec Vice President and COO of Iowa State Bank.

Beyond that, the evaluations from our 70-plus participants were overwhelmingly favorable. I have continued to receive comments from attendees about how much they learned from the event and most importantly, how practical and applicable your information has been for them.

(For example, I had a radio ad salesman who was there, who said he has dramatically changed the way he sells as a result of your recommendations, and his average sale has increased substantially since the workshop.)

Others have noted multiple specific techniques that they’ve been able to utilize in their businesses with positive results.

You were able to keep the audience riveted throughout the entire day; your stories and sense of humor were both effective tools in driving home the crucial marketing principles you teach; and the entire workshop was a great value for all who participated.

Deb and I also enjoyed working with you through the entire pre-event process and appreciated your efforts in serving our unique needs here in Southeast Iowa.

Please feel free to convey my hearty recommendation to any group who is considering bringing you in, whether for a keynote speech or siminar session, or for one of your extensive workshops like the one we sponsored. Thanks again. You were great!

Warmest regards,

Chris Grimm, Exec. Vice President & COO Iowa State Bank (Former Director, Southeast Iowa Small Business Development Center)

TwinLab (& Nature’s Herbs)

In 90 minutes Jim delivers a message on marketing that has consistently been cited by attendees as one of the great highlights of our 3-day events over the last three years.

Grace Lynn Rich, Marketing Director Nature’s Herbs A Division of TwinLab

Tennessee Small Business Development Center (Pellissippi State)

Dear Jim,

On behalf of the Tennessee Small Business Development Center, we are very pleased with the response we have received from participants in the How To Get More Customers Who Will Pay You More Money, More Often workshop that you conducted for us. I recently spoke to one of the workshop participants who related that she had begun to implement some of the workshop principles and strategies and that she was experiencing positive results. That sor of endorsement confirms the integrity of the program and supports the mission of our Center. Thank you for your entertaining, energetic, educational presentation.

As you know we were, initially, quite concerned that the cost of the program would be a deterrent to some of our target market. However, I believe that everyone who attended the workshop felt that they received an excellent return on their investment. This affirmative response to your program has helped us establish the value of programming we can bring to our community and the fee level that we can charge.

It was a pleasure working with you. I would heartily recommend you and your programs to any organization seeking a dynamic marketing, advertising, and sales presentation or workshop. I look forward to having you return to Knoxville to do it all again in the near future. Sincerely,

Teri T. Brahams, Director Tennessee Small Business Development Center

Utah Small Business Developement Center (Utah Valley State College)


Just a note of appreciation for the Marketing Workshop you provided for our local businesses.

By putting over 100 people in the seats, this has gone down as the most successful programs we’ve ever done. The fact that we actually made money at is is particularly gratifying.

As you know, we have never charged more than about $100 for one of these workshops before, and the last time we had a marketing expert in, we lost money charging $79. So I was very worried that we wouldn’t be able to re-coup our investment by charging the $147.00 you recommended. But the promotional materials and the instructions you gave us for their use, and the help you gave us along the way brought in more people and more money, just the way you said it would. How wonderful to know that after we paid all of the expenses of promoting and presenting the workshop, including your fees, we still made enough money to fund another event!

Then, of course, there is the issue of how well your program was received. Sensational! Everybody loved it! Practical, meaningful, plenty of time to give participants one-on-one help, even with the size of the group we had. I’m looking forward to doing it again.

Best regards,

Chuck Cozzins, Dir Utah Valley State College SBDC