What Participants Say

If your attendees are happy, it’s a good bet you’ll be happy.

Information Your Particpants Want & Appreciate


The measure of a successful marketing speaker, advertising speaker or sales trainer is in the delivery of information sponsors want delivered, and in the way participants receive that information.

An even bigger measure is not just whether the “folks in the seat” liked the presentation, but what do they do with it.

Here are some comments from Jim’s audiences…

Dallas & Mike Foley, Spokane WA

“…Real likeable personality. Knows the subjects. Very powerful! Gets you pumped up! Best speaker I’ve seen.”

Dave Tippets, Orem UT

“At its current pace, my business will more than double this year, and I know exactly why. If you want your business to experience immediate, dramatic growth, you’ll want to listen to what I have to say.

“My business had struggled along for quite some time until I attended a workshop last year where I learned what it takes to really market my business.

That event changed by business and my life… and it can for you too.

The workshop is called How To Get More Customers Who Will Pay You More Money, More Often, and it’s taught by Jim Ackerman, a nationally recognized marketing consultant. I heartily recommend you attend.

Dian Thomas, NY Times Best-selling Author

“Jim is the best thing since sliced bread… in fact, he is sliced bread.”

Keith D Ketterer, Miami FL

“Gets the message across clear, concise. Knows the business well. Great sense of humor and easy to learn from.”

Ken & Kathy Ross, Woodland Hills CA

“…We were impressed! Explicit info and presentation with examples. Interaction and repetition for clarification and organization of material. Sense of humor and control of participation by the audience was great!”

Ken & Lynn Baskin, Folsom CA

“…Excellent job of simplifying and communicating marketing concepts… Very fast moving and enthusiastic.”

Kent Monen, Orem UT

“My first results came within about 10 days. I sent a letter to my customers for an annual private sale we have prior to our yearly, “Christmas in July” promotion. In the letter I applied some of the things you taught.

The results were stunning!

We normally hope to gross between 20 and 25 thousand dollars in the one-day sale. This year, the private sale customers started calling early and showed up throughout the sale, and we had spill-overs the following week. As near as I can calculate so far, we did almost $55,000.00 for the event. That’s more than twice as much as normal… about a 129% increase!

I conservatively estimate the increased profit from this one event alone will pay for a full-price newsletter subscription for at least the next 21 years and 8 months.

What a great first experience with your ideas. For the first time in a long while, I’m excited about what the future has in store. As long as you don’t sell it to my competitors, I highly recommend your newsletter, too.”

Laura Jones, Spanish Fork UT

“This seminar has opened not just doors, but whole worlds for me. It’s just incredible! You made concepts easy to understand and logical… and doable! I never would have gone out and found this information on my own. It’s the best investment anyone could make.

“I recently got a fortune cookie that said, ‘You will soon have a miracle in your life.’ I feel like this workshop has been that miracle.”

Len Hovde, Milwaukee WI

“Forceful! Didn’t hesitate to praise or correct. Pushed me to be better!”

Lisa Cohen, Houston TX

“…I consider myself pretty marketing savvy — but this guy blew me away!”

Mark Hufstetler, Provo UT

“I would say you gotta go to this seminar because there’s so much information and it’s all good!

I got exactly what I was looking for. It’s definitely worth the 3 grand I paid to attend. Matter of fact, I’m going to go home and call my father and recommend it to him.”

Marli Bober, Oklahoma City OK

“This was excellent! I’ve taken lots of marketing courses and this was the best! Lots of information — great delivery!

Michael Furey, Minneapolis MN

“Excellent presentation! Information very well organized with style and enthusiasm. Time passed quickly in what could have been a long day.!”

Michael L. Carter, Los Angeles CA


Pam Kombrink (Realtor), Geneva IL

“…The intense, 3-day marketing course gave me a new, successful approach to marketing. I also did the one-on-one coaching program. Our results are unbelievable and… Better ads = tons of calls Better tracking = $$$ Savings, because we know where to spend the money.

More $$-productive use of our time because we now have an arsenal of material ready to go at aall times and a much better marketing plan.

Business increased 300%!”

Pat Heffron, Vancouver WA

“We had $20,000 more gross income for the quarter and only cleaned about 40 more jobs than the year previous. Work smarter, not harder, right?

As a side note, we have never been able to break through the $30K month sales barrier and as you can see, we managed to achieve this milestone this month. Next stop, $40K

We have done all of this so far without spending money on new advertising. This is all a result of minor internal tweaking that we heard about in Jim’s Maverick Marketing Seminar or read in the Marketing Wizard’s Alliance Newsletters and/or heard on the tape sets.”

Patsy Tonne, Dallas TX

“Very informative and knowledgable. The seminar was well worth the money. Made me feel more comfortable about this venture. Very good speaker — I feel like he really cares whether or not we are successful!”

Paul J Pysh, Pittsburgh PA

“After 4 years of advertising in college and another 13 years of ‘on the job training,’ including having attended dozens of other marketing workshops, I feel I am qualified to judge the workshop you conducted on July 16 in Pittsburgh.

“I do not think I have ever seen a better presentation! From the standpoints of energy, knowledge, the ability to get the information through to the audience and just plain charisma, you’re the best!

“Now let me get something straight. I have been delivering advertising seminars for more than 12 years and I consider my presentation to be the best. But now I know I better work a lot harder to keep up with you!

Thanks for teaching me some things I did not know and for reminding me of many of the things I’d forgotten!”

Ray Cox, St. Louis MO

“…Powerful, powerful, powerful! The best tool of this workshop. I look forward to working with you in the future.”

Richard & Evelyn Brown, Moraga CA

“Richard and I spent the holiday season, December through the end of January remodeling the store. During this time sales had been very flat. In order to spark interest in the store and increase sales, we decided to hold an open house and health fair at the end of January, to coincide with the end of the remodeling. We used your suggestion of mailing personal invitations to all of our customers, inviting them to the event. We were very pleased with the excitement this generated in our customers. We still receive comments about how much they enjoyed the event.

Here is an overview of the cost involved and the profits generated:

Number of invitations mailed: 750

Cost of mailing: $674

Total store sales for the day: $1,470.00

New NSP member sales for the day: 375

Fees from consultations booked: $450.00

Gross revenue generated day of event: $2,245.00

Average, normal Saturday revenue: $950

Richard and I want to thank you for all of your great advice and help.”

Sally Darling, Irvine CA

“…Tremendous amount of information about marketing in a very short period of time. Got more from this than classes taken in college.”

Slobodanka Franky, Las Vegas NV

“…Outstanding! Just wish it was for 2 days!”