More Marketing Magic, Accomplished in YOUR Business, Faster & More Effectively Than Any Other Way, Anywhere… Period

The Principle-Centered Marketing Coaching™ Program is unparalleled for helping you “Get more customers who will pay you more money, more often™”

While books, audio programs, seminars, workshops and boot camps produce results at under 10%, Marketing Coach, Jim Ackerman’s program has incomparable and unprecedented implementation rates that range from 63 to 93%.

Over 500 clients have been through Jim’s Principle-Centered Marketing Coaching Program. Every single one of those clients has received a 200% Return On Investment GUARANTEE, and Jim has never had to refund a thin dime, a plugged nickel or a red cent.

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Yes you can get anyone to say yes, to anything, anytime!

What do you do when the prospect says NO, when every fiber of his or her being is screaming, “SAY YES!”

What do you do when the prospect says, “I want to think about it,” when you and he both know your solution is THE best thing for him?

Every sales trainer on the planet tells you to sell the sizzle, not the steak. Has any sales trainer told you why that advice is dead wrong — AND what to do about it?

Sales Trainer, Jim Ackerman talks about these things and more. Like…

• The three kinds of features and the two kinds of benefits and which are most important in a selling situation

• Four additional distinctions about selling benefits that you’ve never been told before

• How to present your Unique Purchase Appeal

• Employing the seven weapons of influence to “unfairly” compel your prospects to YES

• Structuring irresistible offers • The core value close • The role of management in “greasing the chute” for sales personnel

• Script power and how to “genetically engineer” your presentation for ever-increasing success

• Recruiting, hiring and training protocols for ramping up the quality of your sales force

And of course, all of the normal sales topics, like questioning techniques, closing procedures, consultative selling and more, that the normal sales trainers teach.

But Jim Ackerman does it in a way that opens the human psyche and helps your sales staff get to YES!

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When Jim Ackerman writes the 2 words…

As a Marketing Consultant, Jim changed 2 words in a client’s headline and increased response to an ad by 1,000%.

He altered the opening and the call to action in a popular infomercial and increased sales by 200%. Then he altered the offer and increased response another 35%.

Jim’s recommendations to a local Hallmark store turned a normal $20,000.00 July into a $60,000.00 July.

His referral campaign for a dental group resulted in sustained new patient acquisitions at the rate of 280 per month for several years.

Jim’s 3-part bonding campaign for a national, natural pharmaceutical company drew a 25% response rate.

His changes to an HVAC contractor’s Fall sales letter increased response by 25%, and closing rates doubled.

His on-going consultations to another plumbing/HVAC company took them from under five million, to over 34 million in a decade.

When you need a Marketing Consultant, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more effective one than Jim Ackerman and his team at Ascend Marketing™.

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Jim Ackerman has written three books and has contributed to a fourth.

He is also the author of well over 150 audio program titles, several marketing manuals and almost countless articles, blog posts, and marketing, advertising and sales tips.

Jim’s latest book is How To Market Your Crap When the Economy Is STILL In The Toilet… 12 Vital Strategies for Unclogging Your Company’s Revenue Stream. It’s a timely tome that helps all kinds of businesses battle the economic doldrums of any struggling economy… national, local, or just in your own enterprise.

Jim is also the author of The Delta Initiative.

In it, Jim lays out a proven process for engineering change in anyone’s life, whether they want to lose weight, quit smoking, make a million or improve their relationships.

Access to Jim’s audio programs, home study courses and other marketing, advertising and sales training products can be found at,,, and

All of Jim’s books and audio training programs are fully guaranteed for life. If you ever decide your investment was a mistake, don’t even return it. Simply ask for a refund and it will be cheerfully sent.

Jim Ackerman is the founder of The Marketing Masters Alliance™ and publisher of The Marketing Masters Alliance Newsletter.

Jim is now in the 18th year of publishing the newsletter, which is 8 to 16 pages a month focused on a vital marketing principle, strategy or tactic. Each issue also comes with an audio CD, so members of The Alliance can both read and listen to the content, pounding the concepts into their heads until they “own” them and can put them to work in your own marketing efforts.

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Jim Ackerman has been a renowned columnist for decades…

Including a 10-year stint writing for The Salt Lake Enterprise business newspaper. (Get your compendium of this extraordinary eBook collection of columns called The Enterprise Chronicles when you CLICK HERE

He has written columns for several professional journals in a variety of industries, including jewelry (Currently In-Store, Jewelery Business Advisor & more) mobile electronics, printing and more. Jim also contributes columns to the house publications for many of the associations and companies for which he speaks. Many of Jim’s columns can also be seen on his blog at